The #TyreseChallenge is taking on a life of it's own.  Some of the biggest stars in Hollywood are coming out of the woodwork to give their best Tyrese Gibson impression and the outcome has been hillarious!  FYI Tyrese is known for dropping serious, straight-faced, with a splash of sexy, type jewels of knowledge for his followers on Instagram.

The actors closest friends have collectively decided to pick at their boy and channel their inner Tyrese.  First will the real Tyrese please stand up...

It's true, we love us some Baby Boy!  He's so dramatic though...Lol!  The star does videos like this all the the time.  So now his closest friends are having a little fun.  Peep their best impressions below and let us know whatcha think.  Or better yet, jump on the bandwagon and take the #TyreseChallenge yourself.



#killingmyselflaughing, They got you Tye!  They got you my man!  Too funny!  #TyreseChallenge is the hilarious!

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