Kevin Hart just lost a breach of contract lawsuit and it's gonna cost him some major dough. reports Hart was accused of giving his former biz partners, iGo Marketing & Entertainment, the shaft after they got him several endorsement deals. The star's so-called business partners filed suit to the tune of $1.8 million this year, claiming he beat them out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions.

The comedian/actor and his camp pushed back and argued they never signed a written agreement or contract with the iGo. Unfortunately, that excuse didn't hold up in court, and the judge ruled the funny man was guilty of withholding the entertainment company's funds. iGo didn't exactly get the judgement they wanted either. Rather than the million plus they were gunning for, they were awarded $700 thousand instead.

That's still a hefty price tag to have to come up with, no matter how deep Kevin's pockets are. Even worse he allegedly only has 60 days to pay-up or he'll face more legal action, which will more than likely cost more money.

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