It's about to go down!  The MTV Video Awards will take place in a few weeks and just announced, Kevin Hart is going to be the host.


With Kevin hosting the VMA's there's no telling what's gonna happen.  He's is absolutley hilarious and currently the top funny man in Hollywood right now.  Here's a look at the VMA commercial featuring Kevin, Kanye and Kim Kardashian.



If that's any indication of how crazy he's gonna be on the show, I'm all in. I love me some Kevin Hart! To get more info on the show, press play below and listen to Tha Wire.


In other news, J-Lo's love may not cost a thing, but when you try and extort her, it may end up costing you.  That's exactly what's happening to one of her ex-employee's.  Jennifer's disgruntled chauffeur is trying to extort her by making threats of exposing some of her secrets.  Get all the details, plus find out what J-Lo's doing about it.



Meanwhile, in other news Rick Ross scored the number one position again with his latest album.  Plus, he got a little personal with MTV and sat down with them to talk about his health issue.

Get the low down on that and all of the above right now.  Press play to here Tha Wire: 

By the way, today would have been the late Whitney Houston's 49th birthday.  It's still so very hard to believe she's gone.

We miss you Whitney!


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