Regardless of how you feel about the election, funny is funny, and 'Key & Peele' is one of the funniest sketch shows on television right now. One of their signature sketches is Jordan Peele playing President Obama, with Keegan Michael Key as his anger translator Luther. Tonight they've provided their reaction to the election.

And with President Obama winning the election, 'Key & Peele' have released their "Victory" video. It's more than likely that they also recorded a version with both dealing with losing, but perhaps that will eventually be a DVD and Blu-ray extra. The video isn't extra-partisan, and it involves M.C. Hammer jokes, so it's mostly a goof.

If you haven't caught up with 'Key & Peele' it runs every Wednesday at 10:30 PM, right after 'South Park.' But unlike 'South Park' - whose next episode is called "Obama Wins" - they didn't seem to call this one, though this sketch will likely run tomorrow night during their latest episode. We'd love to also share one of their best sketches from last week's episode, which was a parody of Harry Potter with the duo running an inner-city magic school called Vincent Clortho High, but Comedy Central has yet to put that clip online.

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