Yesterday I had the chance to experience magic at its best. Inside the Historic City Hall, Arts & Cultural Center is currently housing Obama: An Intimate Portrait. For those who may be visiting and are not familiar with the location. It is 1001 Ryan Street in Lake Charles. This is truly a beautiful display from Former President Barack Obama's personal photographer Pete Souza.

Obviously, I couldn't take any pictures as they are copyrighted, but it is a great display for everyone to see. Some of the photos that stood out to me were when 5-year-old Jacob Philadelphia told the president that his friends told him that he had the same haircut as him. When President Obama heard that, he bent down and allowed him to touch his head. There is also a picture of President Obama standing into coach Sasha's team while giving him the mean eye. Another one caught the president with his head leaned back and seemingly to really be taken on the stress of the world. One of the final ones to catch me was a photo of Former President Obama visiting the new MLK National Memorial in Washington.

It is on the 2nd floor of the Old City Hall building and it is absolutely free. There is a floor full of intimate photos taken by Pete Souza and you can't possibly be disappointed with the showcase. This is something for a great first date or even to take your kids and allow them to see the first Black president and show them that they have the opportunity as well to one day be president. The final day for this is tomorrow July 31. Don't miss this display and make sure to spread the word and tell everyone about it.

Check out this exclusive spotlight featuring Obama photographer Pete Souza:

The display is sponsored by The Black Heritage Gallery and there is also a great display for The Art of Lloyd G. Wade which is also housed in the same location. If you would like to be on the contact list. Please send your contact information to black heritage


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