When the 2015 XXL Freshman Class was revealed many fans were shocked to see Kidd Kidd on the cover. Critics teased that 50 Cent may have yoked up the magazine's editors to get him on the prestigious cover. Not true at all. The New Orleans native was was voted in as the “People’s Choice" by his diehard fans. Facts, no printer.

Granted, Kidd Kidd has been grinding for a very long time so he's hardly a rap newbie. His grind started in the early 2000's when the 23-year-old rhymer was discovered by Lil Wayne and was signed to Young Money Entertainment.

After severing ties with Weezy, due to creative differences, a chance meeting with 50 Cent led to him inking a deal with G-Unit Records in 2011. Since then, he has dropped a bevy of mixtapes and was prominently featured on G-Unit's last two big projects, The Beauty of Independence and The Beast Is G-Unit.

Kidd Kidd's Freshmen Freestyle proves that he's ready to shine in the rap game. His lyrics are ferocious and braggadocios at the same time. The "I'm Grown" rhymer has a message for the haters.

"What if...Wayne never saw me and 50 said 'hold on'? / N----, I'll still be grinding like a slow song," he raps, adding, "I'm connected like a hotspot / Made my mama spot hot / Strapped like a hi-top / Aiming at your high top / Then I let your top drop / Never know when it's your time, make me hit that button on your stopwatch."

While being on the cover of the 2015 XXL Freshman Class issue is a huge accomplishment, Kidd Kidd has eyes on much bigger prize.

"When the cover drops, I’m not going to be the one celebrating; everybody around me is going to be celebrating," he tells XXL. "I’m gonna be trying to get more work done and get this music out. After this cover, I’m trying to be on the cover by myself, you know what I’m saying? For real."

He then adds, "I’ve been sitting in the cut for a long time, for real, man, and now it’s time. Finally off the bench."

Check out Kidd Kidd's XXL Freshman Freestyle above.

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