Everyone deserves a chance to correct a mistake. That is pretty much the premise of the Calcasieu Parish D.A. Stephen C. Dwight's annual expungement program in Lake Charles. It's really great idea and more than that an honorable way to give people a second chance at life.

What is Expungement?

It is a proceeding when an individual has been arrested for or convicted of a crime and wants their criminal records cleared.

Let's be real. More times than not, having a criminal record is a major hindrance when a person is trying to fly right and get back on their feet. The harsh reality is that most, if not all, decent-paying jobs or corporate positions are not going to hire a person with a criminal record or conviction.

So, it's next to impossible for someone who wants to work and provide a living for themselves and/or their family if they can't work. If this is your story or if you know someone dealing with a situation similar to what I explained, this is your shot to get past criminal records wiped out.

In case you were not aware, the D.A. launched his annual "A New Day Expungement  Event" on September 1. Applications will be accepted through Friday, September 29. Expungements are only for offenses that took place in Calcasieu Parish. Here's how to apply:

  • Fill out the New Day Expungement application now!
  • The D.A.'s office is not taking calls or office visits to discuss or answer questions
  • This program is not free. If a participant is accepted, an expungement will be done at a reduced cost.

Submit your application via email to newday@cpdao.org. Hard copy applications can be picked up and dropped off at the D.A.'s Office (901 Lakeshore Dr.) at the glass window on the first floor. Please see the list of offenses that CAN NOT be expunged. 

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