Lately, it has been consistently cold in Southwest Louisiana, so with that in mind, the Lake Charles Fire Department has issued some tips for the cold weather season that will protect you and your home, especially when it comes to preventing fires.

Cold Weather and Home Safety Fire Prevention Tips:

  • Check smoke detectors to ensure they are free from dust and in working order. If gas appliances or fireplaces are in the home, a carbon monoxide detector will be needed;
  • When heating your home, make sure the furnace is clean and in proper working order. If you have a fireplace make sure the chimney is clean, free from debris, and the flue is open. When using space heaters, keep them three feet away from combustibles and do not leave them operating when children are in the room unattended, when you go to sleep or when you leave home;
  • Never use any outdoor heating equipment inside your home. Never try to heat your home with the burners on your stove or oven. These produce carbon monoxide which is tasteless, colorless, odorless, and a silent killer;
  • If there is a loss of power to your home, never use portable generators inside your home, garage, or any enclosed area. Make sure to locate them away from doors, windows, and vents;
  • Additionally, all homes need a working fire extinguisher, and should have a fire escape plan, which should be practiced. Make sure to keep matches and lighters in areas where they are out of the reach of children. If you smoke, don’t smoke in bed; and,
  • Never overload electrical circuits, and always use extension cords properly.

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday! Follow these tips!

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