When you think about the importance of the Fourth Of July, you should have a smile on your face. It's because of so many before us that we are able to celebrate with our family. I can remember hanging out with my family and yes I admit burning my fingers a few times while trying to light fireworks like I am a pro. Of course I would not recommend handling fireworks like I did before but if you should choose to do so, below are some tips on what you can do before and after handling those intriguing little items, we know as fireworks!


  • Select a large, paved surface when possible
  • Keep fireworks away from wooded and grassy areas
  • Soak the launch site before and all spent products after
  • Keep a ready source of water available
  • Designate an adult to watch the trajectory, make sure no fires are started and douse any that are
  • Don’t let children or minors handle fireworks


Enjoy your time with you family and enjoy plenty of food, also dedicate a little time to recollect on the importance of today. Also don't miss the Red, White, Blue and You event happening at the Lake Charles Civic Center. For more details all you have to do is click here! Also keep it Jamming to 107 Jamz with the Fourth Of July Blastoff all day today on 107 Jamz.com with yours truly Go Dj Big Boy Chill!


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