While many people know about the devastation that took place with Hurricanes Laura and Delta, what the rest of the world might not realize is how long it takes for a city to bounce back from devastation on this scale. When I tell people that Walmart closes at 5 or 6, it's hard for many to fathom that thought.

Well, it is true and what many don't know is that things probably won't get back to normal for maybe a year or more. There are plenty of businesses that have closed for good and others that don't have an estimated date of reopening.

While I was out riding around yesterday, I had a moment to really take it all in and digest that we were hit by two hurricanes, and back-to-back at that. We have lost residents who have moved to other places and are possibly never coming back. The one thing about hurricanes is regardless of the impact, there will be some damage. The unfortunate part is that we never know how much.

For everyone here who is trying to get back to some type of normalcy, I simply say to you stay optimistic. To business owners and homeowners who can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, every day brings a new beginning. For those around the world who are wondering how we do it and continue striving, it is because we are resilient people and strong is an understatement.

Damage after the Hurricanes

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