My good friend and sometimes very suspenseful author Eric Pete is back with another one for the books. He releasing his latest title called "A Cold Hard Truth". The movie follows one of his loved and sometimes hated character Truth North. He is known as a killer, liar and just all around bad guy.


One thing a bad guy doesn't want to be faced with is an enemy whom he thought he wouldn't have to deal with again. This is the case with Truth, but this time there are two old nemesis who are all coming back for him. The book seems to be as intriguing as some of his other works. It is available now, but the trailer is suspenseful as always. Check out the clip below, followed by an interview with my old friend below.


Erik Tee talks with author Eric Pete about new book:

Check out the trailer for the newly released book. As I mentioned during the interview, I can see some things really opening up for him soon on the big screen. I know my wife is a big fan of his books, so of course she will be in line for it.


A Cold Hard Truth Book Trailer:

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