“Let Me Know” is about a man’s infatuation with a woman that goes too far. When she disregards his advances he takes matters into his own hands, and holds her hostage in her own home, in an attempt to make her love him. Is it that simple, or is there more to the story? To be continued… - Youtube

Though it’s been over two years since the release of D3VIN’s first project “Heartbreak Kid,” he continues to promote his first album. Between juggling college classes, and staying in the studio crafting new songs, “Heartbreak Kid” has yet to break out as he and his brothers at Masked Mad Men Entertainment (3ME) intended.

In a effort to gain the attention of more fans in their home state of Louisiana and beyond, D3VIN and his crew decided that visuals might help them get the ball moving further.

Watch the anticipated visuals here for the short film “Let Me Know,” directed by Lake Charles native SouthShotYa. Expect a follow up video to the first original visuals from 3ME.