Meek Mill's legal battle rages on. The Philadelphia rapper is out on bail and fighting for his total freedom. Many people believe he should get a new trial based on evidence that has come out about possible police corruption in his case. It sounds like you can add the lawyer representing the judge who sentenced Meek to that group.

A new report by The Inquirer on Tuesday (July 3) reveals there is audio of an off the record conversation that defense attorney, A. Charles Peruto Jr., had where he opposed his client, Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Genece Brinkley's decision to deny Meek the opportunity of a new trial.

In audio obtained by the news outlet, Peruto can reportedly be heard saying if he were the judge in the case, a new trial would have been granted to the Dreamchasers MC. “Prosecution and defense agree — goodbye,” he says. “She looks fucking awful,” he adds, reportedly referring to Brinkley.

Responding to the allegations on Tuesday, Peruto denied making any such comments "on the record." “If I said something off the record, it should not be on the transcript,” he responded.

The audio was obtained following an interview Peruto conducted for a documentary on the Philadelphia justice system that is being put together by Amazaon and Roc Nation. You can probably guess who slipped the paper the soundbite. Peruto reportedly made the statement into a live mic after the formal interview had wrapped.

Meek and his lawyers have been trying to get Brinkley removed from the case for months, claiming bias. Their requests have been shot down.

Meek refuses give up on his case, which looks more winnable than ever now. Following the denial of a new trial by Brinkley on June 25, his legal team made a new appeal to remove her from the case.

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