Earlier this summer, audio of the lawyer of Meek Mill's judge leaked that featured the attorney siding with the rapper's team that he should be granted a new trial. Now, nearly two months later, attorney Charles Peruto is suing Amazon and Roc Nation for secretly recording a part of his interview that was supposed to be off the record, TMZ reports.

Peruto sat down for an interview for a documentary that is produced by Amazon and Roc Nation. At the end of the sit-down, the reporter asked the lawyer if they could go off the record and said the cameraman would turn the camera off. Although the camera was turned to the wall, the device was left on to record the audio of what Peruto said.

In the leaked clip, the attorney can be heard saying, "That was hard to do, because defending this judge is now becoming (inaudible). Why doesn't she just grant this fucking thing?" referring to a new trial for Meek. “Prosecution and defense agree—goodbye. She looks fucking awful,” he adds, reportedly referring to Judge Genece Brinkley.

Peruto now claims the audio was edited to make him look bad, as he says they left out the part where he says Brinkley followed the letter of the law. Since the cameraman was hired by Roc Nation and Amazon, Peruto believes they are responsible. It's uncertain if the attorney has discovered who leaked the audio yet.

Meek Mill's legal team has declined to comment at this time.

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