The fastest men in the world put it all on the line Sunday night and they all had one thing on their minds, the finish line.  Usain Bolt proved to everyone, that the king of the 100m, stills reigns supreme.


As we all know, there could only be one winner.  The United States had four men on the line and if they were up against anyone else, it would had have been one of them walking away with the gold.  There's been a ton of excitement leading up to this historic event and loads of speculation on who would walk away with the win.  Some people thought that Usain was washed up, but they were wrong.

The worlds fastest men have been training for this all their lives and it all came to a head Sunday night.  Who was it gonna be?  Justin Gatlin, who fought his way back to the top after being ban for four years for doping?  What about Tyson Gay, the precious fastest man on earth?  What about the new comer Ryan Bailey or even the only man to beat Usain in a foot race.....his country man and training partner Yohan Blake?


It seemed like it took forever for the race to get started, but once it did, it was over in a blink of an eye.  When the dust settled it was Usain Bolt was the first man to cross the finish line, then Yohan and America's Justin Gatlin in third place.


Usian said of his win, "It wasn’t the best reaction start in the world but I executed it and that was the key. ”

“My coach said ‘stop worrying about the start because the best part of your race is the end’. It worked. I said it on the track. People can talk, but when it comes to championships it is all about business for me and I brought it. It was wonderful. I knew the crowd would be like this. I can feel that energy.”


Of course there's a lot of noise about Usain using, but until it's proven, people are gonna just have to deal with fact that he won.

Congratulations Usain, Yohan and Justin!  Hats off to all of the athletes representing their counties a this years Summer Olympics.

Unfortunately, I couldn't bring you the video of the actually race, as NBC and the Olympics are closely guarding ALL Olympics videos at this time.  Once it is released, trust me, I will get it to you.

In the meantime, here's a look at Usain's march to the Olympics.



Here's a look at Justin Blake, Tyson Gay and Ryan Bailey prior races.



Watch Yohan Blake beat Usain in the 100m prior to the Olympics.



Here's the current medal status.









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