Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and Jamaican dance-hall rasta Sean Paul is about to find that out.  His ex-girl is tryin to stick him for his paper, by suing him for $80 million dollars. 


When it's good it's good and when it's bad, it's bad and in Sean Paul's case....very bad.  According to reports his ex-lover, Swiss-born Susanne Persson is attempting suing him because after they broke-up he had her deported from Jamaica and drove her to attempt suicide.  However, money isn't the only thing she's after.  Persson is also looking to damage his squeaky clean rep as well.


Obtained by the New York Post, legal documents from the suit, include an illustrated tell-all book filled with shocking allegations about Paul's personal life. For example, in the book Persson alleges that he has a cocaine addiction, is connected with murders in Jamaica and has difficulty keeping "IT" up among other things. As far as being deported, she's also claiming Paul had her forcibly removed from Jamaica in 2010 by bribing police to have her put on a plane bound for Stockholm. However before she left, she said she tried to commit suicide.

Persson's said in a written deposition, "I had tried to kill myself, losing more than one liter of blood from a cut on my wrist.  I had shown the pictures of the cuts to Sean over the Internet. I feel he should see what he had caused.”

Other than his attorney Tom Taveres-Finson denying Perrsons allegations, Sean Paul has been in no commit mode.