Lil Boosie's heavily anticipated comeback album is currently scheduled to drop on July 15. The news also coincides with the release of his new track 'Pray For Me' featuring his Trill Ent. label mates Foxx and Webbie. It's unclear whether this is a recording from before or after his prison stint, but the hook is reused from Boosie's appearance on the Bambino Gold track 'Pray For Me Mama' off the 'Strictly 4 the Traps N Trunks' tape.

The uplifting beat matches the intensity of Lil Boosie, Foxx and Webbie as the three display the chemistry they've built from years of recording together.

"Mama's calling our phone, when we don't answer, we be wrong / daddy got me with rage that would kill a man / mama got with me smarts, f----n' right the streets got me with heart / you don't want us to slang dope, so I guess we gon rob folk / I'll take your jacket too if my child ain't got a coat," Boosie raps.

If this is indeed a recently recorded verse from Boosie, it's clear the Baton Rouge, La., rapper is back in top form.

Listen to Lil Boosie's 'Pray For Me' Feat. Foxx & Webbie


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