Lil' Kim and Fabolous get classy. On Tuesday (June 12), Kim unloaded a brand-new visual for her Fab-assisted single, "Spicy."

In the video, which almost feels like a scene from Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor's Harlem Nights, the two Brooklyn artists rock some classy, ball-ready attire as they talk that talk on the track.

"Muy caliente/Time to keep it cool, that's what the wrist say/Don't be a fool, that's what the fist say (woo)/I'm crushin' these bitches like it's a Wednesday/Skrt skrt, that what the Wraith do/Inside whited out, I just erased you/Outside all black, it's biracial," Kim spits on the track's opening verse.

Getting back to the video, which was directed by Peter Dmitriyev, its one that finds both the Queen Bee and Loso kicking back at a party as Moet is sipped and Cuban cigars smoked. This easygoing vibe sets the stage for one of Fab's typically ice cold verses.

"Them jerks ain't getting chicken so they hot sauce/You dripping wack juice, boy, it's not sauce/Stop hyping up these goofies and wack rhymers/Your dick sucking done got worse than Blac Chyna," raps the Fabolous.

Check out Lil' Kim's new video for yourself below.

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