It's no secret that Lil Pump likes to troll and say crazy things that would get rap purists upset. On Tuesday (May 14), the Miami rapper shared on his Instagram Live a bold statement that will certainly have people talking.

In his post, Pump writes, “Nobody has done what I’ve done at da age of 18[.] I’ve broke records on YouTube, platinum records[.]"

"So suck my dick," he finished his statement along with a smiley face emoji.

There’s no word on what prompted the 2018 XXL Freshman to post such a bold claim. However, it's worth noting that Pump is pretty accomplished on the viral end of things.

Pump has earned some major achievements in 2019. His song “Gucci Gang” went four-times platinum and “Boss” went platinum. As far as YouTube video views, his "Gucci Gang" visual is at over 914 million views, while his Kanye West-assisted visual for "I Love It" is at 445 million views. These feats are all impressive achievements for the young rapper, who, as he mentions himself, is only 18.

This isn't the first time Pump has issued boastful statements on IG. Back in January, he claimed he's the best rapper alive based on science. On his Twitter account, Pump tweeted to his followers, "It’s scientifically proven that I’m the most lyrical rapper of all time." Then in February, he claimed that he was the only reason that SoundCloud existed.

Trolling aside, Lil Pump has some things cooking up this year. The Gucci Gang project, which consists of rappers Smokepurpp, Pump and Gucci Mane, is still in the works and is set for release this year.

lilpump via Instagram
lilpump via Instagram

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