Lil Wayne caused a bit of an up-roar last weekend when he went on a anti-NBA rant at Birdman's birthday party.  Weezy went in on the NBA, The Heat and Chris Bosh not to mention dubbing himself......... the new Pac.


Not it appears, he's had some second thoughts about SOME of the things he said.  As far as the Pac comment and the revelation on bedding Chris Bosh's wife, he make no apology.  However, he admitting to saying some things he didn't mean and recently called into a Miami radio station to get it off his chest.  Find out what Weezy had to say below.  Listen to Tha Wire for the scoop.

In more news, Juvenile is not only a legend in rap and Louisiana bounce music, but these days he's become quite the actor.  Juvi is joining the long, long list of rappers like Will Smith, Ice Cube, Ice-T, LL Cool J, Ludacris, T.I. and many others by doing the movie thing.  Here's a look at the trailer of his new movie The Power of Few:

Get more info about his new movie and get the latest on his music as well.  It's all below inside Tha Wire.  By the way, the spokesperson for the Emmett Till family has a challenge for Lil Wanye.  Find out what it is.

Meanwhile, Wale has had a couple of innocents lately.  During the Raptors/Wizards game the announcer said he was "no Drake" and lets just say the rapper didn't take kindly to it.  Here's what happened:

Wale approaches NBA announcer Matt Devlin about Drake comment-youtube

Shortly after that remark, Wale approached the announcer and according to him, "I introduced myself".  Get the scoop on what happened next with Tha Wire now.  Press play to hear all the details: