Lil Wayne's time in Miami at the 2017 Rolling Loud Festival included a meeting with Birdman, it appears.

Yesterday (May 5), the Cash Money CEO posted pictures of Tune posing with his son and daughter in what appears to be a dressing room or tour bus. The pictures are captioned, "#4L #BLIOODLOVE."

This leads to the obvious questions. Has the multi-year beef between the two entertainers who once had a father-son relationship finally ended? No more details were offered on the posts.

This isn't the first time the two have been together since Wayne sued Baby in 2015. Last January, they had a reunion of sorts at Drake's New Year's Eve party, where they posed for pictures together. In the following months, they were spotted hanging out together, leading people to believe a truce and an end to the lawsuit was eminent. But since then, Tune has continued to slander the Cash Money name left and right.

As recently as a week ago, Wayne screamed "Fuck Cash Money" during a show, while bigging up Roc Nation and plugging his new album. Speaking of Roc Nation, Wayne has been claiming his affiliation with Jigga's imprint, despite not officially inking a deal. “No, we haven’t done that yet,” Wayne said in a recent interview about his official ties to the Roc. “We still working on that, that’s a situation. But like I said, Jay’s just a good guy, he just wants to help me. So he’s just going to be helping me.”

Have things changed? Is all good in Cash Money land? Time will tell.

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