Lil Wayne sits down with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharp on their new show to discuss his creative process, his cryptic tweets about retirement, as well as if he will ever work with Birdman again.

The opening theme for the "Undisputed Show” was also done by Weezy, who made it clear when he was asked to do it that it wouldn’t be a typical opening theme song, that it would sound like a regular song. Shannon Sharp asked Wayne if he wrote anything down, and the rapper had this to say: “It’s two different type of musicians. There’s the one that was born to be a musician, and there’s the artist, the creative, people that know how to learn how to create. Those are the people who usually write things down. This comes from me. This is who I am. This is what I am. I don’t have to write it down. You write it down. You take a picture,” said Wayne.  Skip Bayless went on to ask the rapper if it comes quickly to him when he’s in the studio, his response “They had to tell me when to stop.” His response was met with laughs, to which he also laughs and responds “I’m serious.” 

When the topic of his tweets about retirement were brought up Wayne said, “This was a tweet after an argument.” In regards to his relationship with Birdman “Once the business is right, everything is right. So, I did feel that way, and um... I didn’t take the tweet down, because I said I still feel that way. And until something is done about it, then maybe it’ll change.” Shannon Sharp took it a step further to ask if the money is made right, could Wayne work with Birdman again, and Weezy reply was simply “No sir.” 

Find out what else Lil Wayne had to say in regards to artists supporting him while feeling mentally drained, working with other artists, the future of hip-hop, social media, remixes, and more.

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