Lil Yachty has received his fair share of criticism in 2016. Despite flourishing because of his bountiful supply of bangers, he has been ostracized by the likes of Hot 97's Ebro Darden and legendary hip hop producer, Pete Rock. In an interview with HipHopWired, Yachty's father, Shannon McCollum— a celebrated Atlanta-based music photographer who's shot for OutKast, Dead Prez, Too $hort and more— spoke on his son's musical flavor and why he's being treated unjustly by hip hop critics.

"It's not for you, says McCollum, "It's for your kids. Let your kids rock with it."

The 19-year-old rapper has found himself locked in the trenches because of his controversial comments about Tupac and Biggie. Yachty admits to not being familiar with their music and was instantly bashed for being musically inept. According to his father, Yachty's musical taste wasn't birthed through those two iconic rappers. In fact, McCollum revealed that he used to play Bilal, Coltrane, Coldplay, and A Tribe Called Quest in the house when Yachty was growing up. He also explained how Yachty was named after legendary jazz musician, Miles Davis.

"By the time he got to be five or six, I really was playing Miles Davis...and that's where his name comes from. That's what he first heard."

Listen to the interview for yourself and see if Yachty's dad's points are valid about his son being unnecessarily singled out by the rap game.

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