The game is officially on and hopefully you are listening .The Cashing Out Secret Jamz of the day is on and for those that don't know how it works, This is where you have a chance to win cash money by knowing the Secret Jam of the day!

You can only win one time during this contest. So make sure you are listening for the Secret Jam of the day Monday- Thursday. We will not tell you the name of the song or artist, you've got to know your music. We will run the snippets Mon-Thurs, 3 times a day which you will find out here every day at 7 pm.


Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images


The times to be listening on Tuesday for the Cashing Out Secret Jam are around these times:

11:32 am


5:50 pm


9:50 pm


Keep track of the songs for the week and be prepared to listen on Friday at the designated time for your chance at winning $250.00 by knowing the Cashing Out Secret Jam of the day from The Peoples Station 107 Jamz!