So we are doing the $1,000 holla contest right now and the phones are going crazy with everyone trying to win. While there is no easy solution on how to win. You need to be listening up for this sounder for your chance to win!

$1,000 Holla Sounder

When you hear that sounder be the 25th caller at 1-877-854-9467 for your chance to win $1000.00 cash. Now I know for a fact if I were $1,000 richer, I would get my wardrobe in check. I have been on the weight loss journey for awhile, and I have been losing weight. I would have to get my clothes game right, so folks aren't looking at me like I'm 18 , since sometimes my pants sag. I would also have to get me a shelf in my room for all of the dvd's and blu rays that I have. My wife is already about to put me out of the house and this would minimize those chances. I would drop a little in her pockets, because you know what they say Happy Wife, Happy Life! I would also drop a few in the bank, because it's very important to save. The rest be just a few knick knacks and small things, but stuff that I would want! Make sure you are listening up for the cue to play twice a day and you could have a chance to win. Also get signed up inside the 107 Jamz MVP club, for your chance to score $10,000, good luck to you all!