I was watching the new Tyrese and Rev Run television show "It's Not You, It's Men", and they had Vin Diesel as a special guest and they were talking about their love for their daughters. While Talking Tyrese made a mention of how his daughter is eight years old and President Obama is the only president that she has known.

He told her that his was a huge moment for us as Americans by him being the first African American president and possibly the last. So when I saw this video I could not help but to understand what this little lady was crying about. President Barack Obama whether you like him or not has been running our country for two terms. And now the time has come where there will be a new election and someone new stepping into the White House at the beginning of the year. Check out this video of the little girl finding out that this will be his last year in the Oval Office.

Lil Girl Cries when finding out this is President Obamas last term:

This says something pretty unique. It says that in some way this little girl has been influenced by President Obama. While I have had the right of voting for well over twenty years, when President Obama was elected. This was a big opportunity for me. The one thing that I think she will get from this is that the video is not going anywhere.But one day she will be able to share this with her kids and explain just how important he was to her. There is also a video of President Obama responding to the heartfelt video courtesy of the "Huffington Post".

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