Tonight President Barack Obama will be addressing the country in his final speech tonight from Chicago. This is bittersweet to a lot of us who have seen something that many thought we would never see. Our parents and Grandparents have witnessed history being made with the induction of the first African American President in the White House. I remember the first time President Obama was elected into the White House. We were having a viewing party at a local establishment and I believe everyone in the building was quiet and glued to the television on that night.

When the word came that President Obama had won, you could have heard the yells across the city. We were able to witness the event again 4 years later and what really made me feel good was that my son was old enough to witness this and understand the importance of this moment in history. There has been a lot of flack that our current president had to endure. Some coming from his own party, but the bulk of it coming from the Republicans who swore to make his stay in the White House a living hell and for the most part they did. We have seen First Lady Michelle Obama implement healthy alternatives for our kids and enforcing the importance of exercise for them in the schools and outside as well. We had seen Sasha and Malia Obama grow up right up under our eyes and become beautiful young ladies who will hopefully go on to create their own paths in the world.

So tonight is going to be a very sobering moment. But it will also be something that we can be proud of. We have witnessed something that not only my son was able to see. But somewhere down the line, he will be able to share this story with his kids and so on. The country has seen some favor as jobs have been created and people who would have had no medical coverage is finally ale to have some of the same benefits as those of us who have had this luxury for years. Of course with any success story, you will have your naysayers and haters who will do nothing but talk down on others accomplishments. This has been a daily struggle for our outgoing President Barack Obama, but he has always bounced back and remained calm and cool throughout it all.

Within a few weeks we will have another President and believe it or not we have to accept that Donald Trump will be our Commander In Chief. While there are still some of us who are wanting to wake up from this dream or nightmare in most cases. The fact is that this is a reality. There are plenty of speculations of what is to come and there are many who are afraid of what may happen. We have to remain focused and continue to work on making ourselves better people and helping others when we can. So tonight lets send President Barack Hussein Obama off the right way and watch his Farewell address in Chicago.tonight at 8 pm Central. Thank you President Obama for not only representing our country well, but giving our kids hope that they can one day sit in the same chair as you.


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