The 2017 NBA Draft is in progress at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, and UCLA’s Lonzo Ball has been chosen as the second pick overall by the Los Angeles Lakers.

His father’s behavior on national sports talk and television segments have have been both obnoxious and pretentious over the course of the past months, but it's managed to not only made Lonzo a house hold name with their Big Baller Brand, but it may have gotten him a etched into the history of pop culture. Ten years from now we’ll look back and say, oh God, did that really happen? Yes, it did future person reading this.

Washington’s Markelle Fultz is the first pick by the Philadelphia 76ers, and Duke’s Jayson Tatum was the third pick by the Boston Celtics.

Hopefully my San Antonio Spurs pick up some much needed help to get us another national championship. I’ve got my fingers crossed amongst all of the rumors of them possibly moving LaMarcus Aldrige for a top 10 draft pick.  Gaining Paul George or Chris Paul could put us at an extreme advantage next season, but for who ever they get, it could mean losing Danny Green. As quickly as I’ve written this, a change could be in the making. We’ll see what how it turns out by tomorrow.

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