Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate In New Hampshire Ahead Of First Primary Contest
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The 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary Elections are underway across the country. Voters are narrowing down the many Democratic candidates running against Donald Trump, to become the next President of The United States of America. Louisiana voters will get their chance to select what candidate they think is best for the job on Saturday April 4, 2020.

The deadline to register to vote and participate in the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary Election is March 4 (in person) or March 14 (online.) Now is the time to check your voter registration and make sure all info is correct. If it isn't, NOW, is the time to handle your voter registration business such as address, email or phone number changes.

How does a candidate win a state's electoral votes? Voters in each state choose by casting a vote for the presidential candidate of their choice. The candidate that wins the most votes in each state....wins all of that states electoral college votes. Only two states, Nebraska and Maine, do not follow this winner-take-all method. Below is an excellent video that explains the Electoral Voting system. In the meantime get registered to vote now, it only takes 2 minutes.

Early voting is March 21-28 (except Sunday, March 22) from 8:30 a.m.- 6 p.m. If you DO NOT VOTE your states electoral college will be given to the candidate with the most votes, and your none-vote could be the deciding factor. That is why it is so important that every eligible citizen exercise their American right to choose the leaders of this country. Your vote determines who will be elected or re-elected to control this country. America is far to precious to put in the wrong hands.                                  YOUR VOTE... EVERYONE'S VOTE...COUNTS!

Elections Calendar 2020 - LA S.O.S.
2020 Elections Calendar - Louisiana Secretary of State

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