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Essential workers with kids, Louisiana has not forgotten you!  If you are still using a daycare solution of any kind, you may be getting some financial help very soon!

With Governor John Bel Edwards edict to extend the "shelter in place" order, a lot of folks are scrambling to figure out how to handle 2 more weeks (at least) of the current status quo.  That's more food, more arrangements for bills and rent, and for essential working parents - child care.  Luckily, the new list of those that qualify for Louisiana's Child Care Assistance Program have just received another 2 weeks of help!

That may not sound like a huge deal to you, but to the folks with kids that need to work right now in order for us to get through this crisis - it's a nightmare.  According to New Orleans City Business, a whopping 69% of childcare centers around the state have closed their doors due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Those that do remain open are serving parents of first line workers who have have to be on the front lines - if they were lucky enough to get in.

Because of this hardship, the Louisiana Department of Education expanded access to the Child Care Assistance Program so that critical workers could take advantage of it as well.  The program is mostly used for low-income families, but according to the report, it will now also help out " first responders and people who work in manufacturing or agriculture."

Experts are still asking those who can stay at home with their children to do so, but for those whose work is a necessity right now, this program will provide some financial assistance.

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