Need a little extra cash? Become an Election Worker/Poll Commissioner for the upcoming presidential election. Louisiana Secretary of State, Kyle Ardoin, said the state is in need of election workers and this is the perfect way to help your community. Besides, the pay is pretty decent. Below is a look at the pay scale:

Early Voting Election Workers will work 7 days (Oct. 16 - Oct 27), excluding Sunday Oct. 18, and earn $100, per day.

Election Day Workers only work on election day, November 3 and earn $200 for that day.

Absentee Workers only work when the Board of Elections Supervisors have a meeting and will earn $50, per meeting

The criteria to become an Election Worker/Poll Commissioner is be a registered voter who needs no assistance. Applicants must be able to attend a one to two hour training course. Workers must be 17 years old or older (high school senior or older). If you're interested in earning a check while helping your community, apply now.

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