Social media was supposed to be an electronic medium that allowed the free exchange of ideas, opinions, and thoughts. It was perceived to be a good thing except the purveyors of social media forgot. We don't all get along.

You've heard stories of cyber-bullies misguided posts that have driven some people to mental breakdowns or even suicide. I don't think this is how electronic connection systems such as Facebook, My Space, and Twitter were designed to be used. But, they are all great mediums for hate. Guess who is leading the way when it comes to spewing venom into the abyss of cyberspace?

If you guessed Louisiana you'd be right, at least as far as Twitter is concerned. A recent survey found our state to be the source of tweets with the most "derogatory and prejudiced language" of any state in the union.

We analyzed for negative and neutral language for African-Americans, Hispanics and Latino people, women, gay and lesbian, transgender, intellectually disabled people, and also overweight people.

The words of Sam Rabdil a senior communications manager for Abodo. Abodo is a rental listing website. Rabdil's remarks were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. The Abodo survey studied 12 million tweets between June of 2014 and December of 2015. This is how the group arrived at their list of 154 insulting words.

It was discovered that for every 100-thousand  tweets made by Louisiana tweeters, there were 1,100 that were deemed to contain insulting language. The most common target for insulting language was women.  Nevada and Texas rounded out the top three.

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