Customers who need a little more meat on their sandwich will be happy to know that McDonald’s is bringing back an old menu favorite. Starting January 24, customers will be able to "double the fun" of mealtime with the return of the Double Big Mac!

This is a BIG deal since the iconic burger was taken off the menu in 2020. It's got that special sauce, four all-beef patties, diced onions, pickles, shredded lettuce, one slice of American cheese, and all on a sesame seed bun. Not sure why they didn't add another slice of cheese. Maybe they're just thinking about your waistline?

By the way, the famous food franchise announced the Double Big Mac will return to the menu on January 24. However, they didn't say how long it was going to last. So, hurry into a Golden Arches near you and pick up your B-Mac on day one!

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