When it comes to spooky locations, I would put 'The Mytles' Plantation in St. Francisville, LA is at the top of the list. This place is probably the most well-known and most haunted property in Louisana. According to legend, the haunted mansion has 12 very active ghosts. Myrtles supposedly had 12 ghosts and had 10 murders that occurred (Wikipedia). The actual records only show that one person was murdered in the house, which was William Winter.

The plantation is a restaurant and a bed and breakfast today. I have toured the home before and it's pretty creepy. Wen when we were walking up to the property there was an ambulance. We were kinda freaked out I am not going to lie. Like anyone, we asked what happened and we were told a pregnant woman had passed out in the house.

The overall experience was good. The stories behind what happened on the property were well explained and it was easy to understand why the place was haunted. There is an option to stay overnight, but we would never do something like that. They got way to much going on at this place.

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