Lake Charles is the home of plenty of refinery's who are in need of great engineers. Where do most of the intelligent hungry employees come from? Most of bred right here in Louisiana from some of the greater education that we have in the state of Louisiana.

Well word comes today that TOPS which is one of the main machines that contribute to higher education for our youngsters is no longer a priority for our kids. The Louisiana Office Of Student Financial Assistance informed all colleges and universities that payments to TOPS would cease due to our budget crisis here in Louisiana. Here is more information courtesy of Baton Rouge NBC affiliate WAFB.

This is sad as this is one of the main issues that our newly elected Governor John Bel Edwards will have to address and also deal with. We have no idea how in debt we are. But this is going to be a major blow for our youth who are trying to get higher education and excel to bigger heights. What is it going to take to resolved this problem and do you feel that we are in this financial woe because of outgoing Governor Bobby Jindal?  What are your thoughts on this matter?

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