According to reports, body cam footage was recently released concerning the death of Mr. Ronald Green during a stop by Louisiana State Police (LSP). The 49-year-old man died last year after his encounter with Louisiana State Police.

In the initial report, troopers stated Green died on the scene after crashing his vehicle into a tree during a high speed chase. However, it was later reported by LSP that was not the case in a one-page statement where they acknowledged Green died in route to the hospital.

The below footage was obtained by the American Press and features body cam footage from one of the LSP troopers on the scene. According to reports, there is a 46-minute clip of what happened, showing a trooper putting Mr. Green in a choke hold while wrestling him to the ground and punching him in the face. So far, this two-minute excerpt gives everybody a good idea of what happened. Six troopers were on the scene at the time of the arrest, but only some of them had their body cams on.

This is certainly an explosive, disgusting, and devastating story. Ronald Green's death is in the midst of a deep investigation, so we will all learn more in the coming days. The good news is the so-called blue wall is starting to fade. Like the George Floyd murder trial, many LSP troopers are not siding with their fellow officers and the manner in which Mr. Green was treated. Rather, they are calling the actions of their fellow troopers completely unnecessary and irrefutably wrong.

In fact, more was already being done to recruit minorities and create a more diverse department prior to this body cam footage being released. That is certainly encouraging, and we will be sure to update the public on how that process is going in the near future.

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