The sold-out crowd at LSU stadium got their money's worth Saturday, November 5, 2022, during one of the best college games in the nation. It was a real nail bitter as LSU and Alabama locked up in a phenomenal gridiron contest that went score to score all the way to the end. The game went into overtime as both teams battled to close the game with a win.

Jaden Daniels
Mason Taylor

Nick Sabon's police escort had to get aggressive fans got arrested

It was crazy out there! Much like Tennessee, who dealt Alabama their first loss of the season 52-49 more than 100,000 fans charged the field to celebrate the huge win. Some overjoyed fans took things way to far and started climbing the goal posts.  During the October 15 game-day pandemonium Tennessee fans literally tore them apart and proceeded to parade them through the streets of Knoxville. The goal post pipes never made it back to the stadium, instead they turned up in the Tennessee River!

heavyweights guarding the Tiger Stadium goal posts

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