The number 2 movie this weekend was "Good Deed", I was one of the contributers as my wife and I went this past Friday night to see if for ourselves. Tyler definately has one that you will enjoy and want to see for yourself.The movie seems to be a semi tale of the life of Tyler Perry, although the main character Wesley Deed III is not a total reflection of Tyler, his actions are. The word has always been out that Tyler has a very big heart and is willing to help out plenty of people, and Mr. Deeds is very similar. If you get the opportunity to go and see the movie, make sure you do. Even fellas inside the movie had a tear or two as this was generally a very heartfelt and wholesome movie. Prop to Tyler Perry on another hit movie without the wig and the dress. You'll be doing a very Good Deed if you get the chance to see is sometime this week!

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