I have been a fan of Singer and Actress Tamela Mann and her husband, David Mann, for years. Southern Touch Entertainment brought them to Lake Charles for a concert several years ago, and that was the first time I purchased her cd. This was also the first time she released music since leaving Kirk Franklin and the family. We have literally seen their careers grow as they have done several stage plays and television shows with Tyler Perry. However, music is still her first love and she just released a new album "Overcomer".

It was my first time doing a Zoom interview and it was fun. Obviously, with the pandemic things shut down, and that included doing interviews with artists in our studios. The conversation was wonderful, and we talked about a lot including the new album "Overcomer" as well as her working with Wyclef Jean on the new album.

We also talked about how she's taken control of her health, and how she and the family have been dealing with life since the pandemic. I also wanted to know how she felt when people criticize Gospel artists for working with secular artists, which she was happy to speak on.

And finally, she shared with us whether or not Madea is coming back for all of the fans who have followed Tyler Perry and Madea for all of these years. Check out the full interview below.



Still, one of my favorite songs from Tamela was "Take Me To The King", which was truly an inspiring song, and helped motivate me during times when things were a little rough in my life. Thanks to Tamela Mann for checking in with me to talk about her new music and life in general.Make sure you go and stream the new album "Overcomer" and make sure to be on the lookout for the upcoming movies on BET and Netflix.


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