My Buddies and I are always looking for something different to do. We heard a new candle-making shop had opened called, Wicks & Wax Candle Lab (3453 Nelson Rd.) and thought we'd try it out. None of us had been to a candle-making shop, but we figured it would be a fun experience.

We headed on over to the shopping strip next to Walmart on Nelson and walked into an adorable shop. Of course, it smelled so good inside. There were shelves of oils on one wall, and shelves of beautiful glass cups on the other wall. It was really nice. Tonya, the co-owner, was our instructor.

She was very nice and pleasant. Patient too! Me and the girls are a little crazy at times. We just had a good time learning how to make candles. We all learned a thing or two, and I got to say the best part was selecting my favorite scents. It was really cool. We booked the party on their website and that was that. They do parties and can host groups for grown-ups and kids.

We really enjoyed learning how to make candles and I highly recommend Wicks & Wax Candle Lab! Below is a look at how the process of making your very own candle entails.

A Day At Wicks & Wax Lake Charles

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