How do we know what dinosaurs sound like? Easy, the movies taught us what they sound like.

For decades we’ve been wowed by images and films about massive lizards that walked the earth long ago. Of course, no one really know what those thunder lizards truly looked like, let alone how they sounded. Centuries long research by archeologists and scientists can’t be undone at this point, the imagery is locked into every child’s brain at a very young age. Telling a kid dinosaurs didn’t exist would be as bad as telling them Santa Claus and the easter bunny isn’t real. Those massive skeletons that have been unearthed over time say otherwise when it comes to the existence of dinosaurs.

Check out the viral clip above of a man dressed in overalls doing his best dinosaur impression, and knocking over chairs. The sound he makes is spot on what the movie maker’s dinosaurs sound like, which makes his impression that much funny.

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