Believe it or not a choreographer by the name of Wade Robson has filed a lawsuit against Michael Jackson’s estate, claiming the late King of Pop molested him for years.


In a story released by TMZ Robson allegedly experienced sexual abuse at the hands of MJ from the age of 7 to 14.  Last week on May 1, Robson’s lawyer asked the judge handling the Jackson estate to allow him to file a late creditor’s claim to collect money from the estate.

Robson reportedly met Michael when he was 5 and supposedly spent a lot of time with him at the Neverland Ranch as well as Michaels homes in Vegas and L.A.   The whole thing is kinda crazy though, because Robson actually testified several times during Michael’s child molestation trial that he never witnessed any sexual abuse regarding the late King of Pop.

Find out why the 30-year old has waited so long to make these accusations and hear what Michael Jackson's estate has to say about these new claims.  Get the scoop below with Tha Wire.




In other news, I’m happy to say Jaheim is back with a new single and fourth coming album.  His upcoming sixth studio is entitled ‘Appreciation Day’ and yesterday he released the lead-off single, ‘Age Ain’t a Factor.’

There’s no denying fans have been anxiously waiting for the Jersey balladeer to make a comeback and after a couple of years absence, he’s back.  To show love for his fans, Jaheim is organizing a Mothers Day giveaway where the winner of the contest and his or her mother, will win an all-expense paid weekend that includes tickets to his Mother’s Day concert in Atlantic City.

Hear why Jaheim called his new album 'Appreciation Day' and learn when it will be available.  Meanwhile, here's a listen to his new single.  Tell us what you think.


Finally, after more than 20-years together, Treach and Vin Rock of Naughty by Nature have fallen out.  Just one day after Treach fired his longtime group mate he’s released a diss song called ‘Tall Midget’wageing an all-out attack on his old friend.

In an exclusive interview with, Treach said that his issues with Vinnie have been building up for a longtime and revealed that the two haven’t spoken in over two years.  However, he didn’t really give a definitive reason for the two going their separate ways.  What he did say was, “We never wanted to be the groups that couldn’t resolve our issues.  Nobody is larger than the group. We always fit [Vinnie] in even if there wasn’t a spot for [him] to fit in. You will never see Vin do a Naughty show [alone], because he can’t. Me and [Kay Gee] can do this for the rest of our lives. I don’t work for nobody.”  Treach added, “I’ll never say never to nothing, because I’m a business man.  For now, Vinnie is on a ‘grown man timeout.”

In response to his so called grown man timeout/“firing” Vinnie had a comment of his own and you can find out exactly what he had to say now.  Press play to hear Tha Wire now.