Alright family, there are just some things that I will not do when it comes to trying to get ahead. Of course there are those who have nothing to lose and not alot of morals when it comes to things like this. Imagine being in one of your favorite restaurants and seeing a rat run around the floor and all over the tables of you and other customers.

This is exactly what happened when it came time for a young man to pay for his bill and he decided that he wanted to eat for free. He brought along his pet rat and let him run wild in the establishment and of course had the customers in the place running all over the place. I would have owned the retaurant if something like that would have happened, so it was pretty sad on his part that he would do something like that.


Man Releases Rat inside Restaurant for free meal:

All I can say is that he obviously didn't realize that the cameras were on him and now he could potentially get a possible fine and maybe some jail time. Honestly he deserves it, there are limits when it comes to things like that and to have someones business possibly shut down because you're cheap is not the way to go.