Real heroes don't always wear capes, but this particular hero had lightning-quick reflexes that saved a young boy from being hit in the face by a flying bat.

UPDATE: According to Trib Live, the man who saved the young boy was actually his father.

The Pittsburgh Pirates and the Atlanta Braves were facing off in a spring training matchup in Florida on Saturday when Pirates outfielder Danny Ortiz lost his grip during a swing. His bat went flying toward the stands, headed straight for a young boy's face.

Thanks to one fan who was quick on his toes; or with his arm in this case, he was able to deflect the bat (literally) at the last second, avoiding what would have probably been a nasty injury.

As if seeing it in real time wasn't crazy enough, photographer Christopher Horner posted two frame-by-frame shots that show just how close the kid was from being hit by the bat. Other fans in the area could be seen flinching and bracing for the potential impact.

We aren't sure what happened to the guy who blocked the bat, or who he was in relation to the boy, but he definitely deserves to be recognized for taking a major lick to protect a fellow young citizen.

One thing is for certain—that definitely left a mark.

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