This mans hands must be made of sand paper.

The video starts off with him speaking into the camera to someone name Shantel/Chantel. I know, the spelling differs with some. The man in the video then climbs a ladder to get to a nest of yellowjackets, then all of a sudden he grabs the nest with both hands. He then rubs and squeezes the nest between both hands until there’s nothing left, expect juices, left over matter from the nest, and the flattened yellowjackets. Wow.

Maybe where he comes from this is normal, but where I was brought up a can of Raid does the trick and you don’t get your hands dirty or possibly get stung. I’ve been stung by wasp, dirt daubers, and a bee. None of them felt good, but after being stung in my ear, my hand, and calf, I became immune to the venom. That’s been well over 20 years ago, my guess is that isn’t true anymore. I don’t want to get close enough like the man in the video to even find out.

The video ends with him saying “That’s for you Shantel.” Maybe she’s afraid of bugs? That’s our guess. They’re all gone now, so Shantel can rest easy.

The man in the video is a bad man, but not like Michael Jackson singing “your butt is mine” to Wesley Snipes in a music video. Bad as in, his hands may be so rough that if he slaps you the skin is coming off. Yeah that kind of bad.

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