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The robots are coming!  Growing up during the era of the Terminator movies, I always figured that sooner or later some of what I was seeing on the big screen would eventually make its way into the real world.  That's why watching the video of the Boston Dynamics bi-pedal robots do incredible parkour moves like it's nothing makes me a little uneasy - can you imagine what would happen if we armed these things?

Welcome to 2021, where there's no need to imagine that scenario - it's already real!  OK, so the machines haven't technically been built yet, but according to the latest report from the Advocate - it won't be long until we have real killer robots.

Metal Shark, a boat manufacturer out of Franklin, Louisiana, has been selected by the Marine Corps to build the "Long Range Unmanned Surface Vessel System," (LRUSV) This new technology will allow the pilotless craft to patrol large swaths of water armed to the teeth with weapon systems it can deploy without a single soul on board.

Via Metalsharkboats.com
Via Metalsharkboats.com

According to the manufactures website, this system will be capable of manned and unmanned operations (as you can see from the Captain's position in the photo above).  Although the company builds some pretty incredible rescue craft for the Coast Guard, this boat is all about tracking and destroying targets identified by its human masters as hostile.  This scalable aquatic platform will be loaded with the latest tech and multiple weapon configurations.  It will reportedly be able to launch and retrieve other autonomous vehicles to aid in its mission.

Make no mistake, this will be the baddest bot on the water.  No word on if it can pull a skier.

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