While known as a politician, actor and one of the best bodybuilders in the game. What alot of folks don't know is that Arnold Scwarzenegger is a well known as a prankster. Well some visitors found out first hand about Mr. Arnold and hilarity ensues.


Arnold Schwarzennger pranks visitors of Madam Toussads Wax Museum:

I have been to that Madame Toussads Wax Museum myself in Vegas and man some of them truly look real. I can only imagine what would happen if one of them actually came to life. The makeup job was the bomb, but some of those folks probably had to have a change in their undies after seeing Arnold.


I didn't catch the last "Terminator", but I do believe that I will be in the theatre for "Terminator Genisys" this one as soon as it touches down. I have always been a big fan of Arnold and this just shows that the guy has a great sense of humor.

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