I am a fan of music and almost as much as I love music there are movies. And if I ever hit the jackpot and can catch a movie about music I am done. Well there is a very interesting movie and documentary about one of the best Reggae artist to ever live and he goes by the name of Bob Marley. The new movie is called "Marley" and it's available for Marley heads all over the world!I had to get a copy of this when I first heard about it. This is a great movie for fans and those who have not history of Bob Marley. You will love this movie. It touches on his life from birth til the end and touches on things that even I didn't know anything about. It covers alot of the music and if you get the Blu Ray, you can get some extra bonuses that you will enjoy. Check out the trailer of the movie and make sure you go out and get yourself a copy of this great piece of work!


Marley Trailer: