The group Immature has been around for years and we have grown up with those kids. Obviously as it got closer to the 2000's the group matured and changed their name to IMX. Around this time the group dispanded and Marques Houston aka Batman left and decided to pursue acting and other ventures. He released a few solo albums, but now got back with Romeo and LDB and reformed Immature. They released a new song popularized by Weebie of New Orleans "Let Me Find Out", check out the song and see if they still have it.


Immature- "Let Me Find Out":


Immature- Never Lie:


Immature- Give Up The Ghost:

While the song is not bad and I do feel like they can make a comeback, this might be the perfect time for that IMX title and men over 30 should probably not call  themselves Immature..LOL! Anyway be on the lookout for their new music to be dropping soon and I am sure an album to follow in the new year.

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