Before making his imprint on the R&B landscape, Ty Dolla $ign was destined to be a heartthrob as part of the young, emerging boy band Immature led by Marques Houston.

In a recent sit down with Apple Music’s Beats 1, Houston revealed that Ty joined the group around age “seven or eight" shortly after being discovered by music exec Chris Stokes. “Ty was in Immature’s band when we first started," the "Circle" singer explained. "He’s like a year younger than me. It was cool. It was like, he’s the homie. We were like brothers."

"We kind of knew his family and his family was musically driven," he continued. "His dad, Big Ty, was in the music and stuff like that, and Stokes knew his dad. It just kind of happened like that.”

According to Houston, the Cali native was also "really, really musically inclined" from a young age, noting that Ty flexed his instrumental talents on the keys as well as helped with programming. Fast forward to over a decade later, and Ty Dolla $ign can be heard crooning his own melodies on fan favorites like Beach House 3 or his most recent effort "The Light" featuring Jeremih.

To think it all started with a 1990s boy band.

Check out a clip of Ty Dolla $ign performing with Immature on The Arsenio Hall Show, as well as Marques Houston's interview with Beats 1 below.

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